Category Topics


The Support category is for all questions and general discussion of how to use OpenRefine and extensions.

Community Feedback

If you have feedback (positive or negative!) on how the OpenRefine community works, including feedback on this forum, please post and discuss here

OpenRefine documentation

Topics and discussion related to documentation about OpenRefine; of course including OpenRefine’s own manual at

News and Announcements

This category is for news and and announcements from the OpenRefine team. Only members of the team with the appropriate permissions can create posts in this category.

Teaching OpenRefine

Many of us teach OpenRefine to newcomers and to more advanced users. Share resources, tips and best practices, and ask your fellow OpenRefine teachers for advice.


Aimed at software developers, this category is for discussions related to the development of the OpenRefine software and extensions

Using this forum

New to the OpenRefine forums? This is the place to start, with all the key information about the forum and how to use it

Day-to-day project operations

The day-to-day project operations for OpenRefine include: website, communications, social media, staff, budgets, … all the practical things to run the ‘office’ side of things.