Organizing an OpenRefine BarCamp

IFLA’s yearly World Library and Information Congress will take place August 21-25 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I live there and have already been vaguely thinking in this direction.

I can’t promise I’ll be available to organize anything yet (still very uncertain about health and professional and personal engagements around that time). I’d be most motivated if we can combine it with another event, like a new Wikimedia+Libraries Convention similar to the one organized pre-IFLA conference in Dublin in 2022. All of these are very premature ideas; but there is indeed interest in doing a Wikimedia+Libraries pre-conference in Rotterdam in August 2023 and I can liaise with that (budding) initiative.

Several days sounds long to me, either as an autonomous event (OpenRefine is usually only one of the very many tools used by people in their work) or as attached to another event (and I think the latter makes most sense). One day or a half day would sound good to me though. Interested to hear what others think.

Re: agenda, I’d be mainly interested to review, update and prioritize OpenRefine’s longer-term (3-10 years ahead) roadmap with the group that shows up, and to collect more specific input and wishes on the items that are most highly prioritized.