A great command line tool for data wrangling

Pretty impressive what Joel has accomplished here in this tool, I have to admit.
The commands and feature set even makes me feel that OpenRefine would be a bit jealous in a few parts!

qsv (pronounced "Quicksilver") is a command line program
for querying, indexing, slicing, analyzing, filtering, enriching,
transforming, sorting, validating & joining CSV files.
Commands are simple, fast & composable.

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This looks like an amazing resource, thanks for sharing.

I have to admit I kept this tab open for longer than I intended as I found myself a bit intimidated by the number of features this thing has. How does it compare with other CSV manipulation tools like miller or csvkit?

Also I'm not clear why installing qsv via package managers such as homebrew only include a small subset of features. Size constraints? Too hardware dependent?

No idea. Ask them? They are very responsive on issues or discussions.