CI: Providing builds on pull requests

To make it easier for non developers to test ongoing work it would be very nice if the CI could generate builds on pull requests. As someone working quite a bit on the GUI it would also be nice to be able to gather more input when making changes that affects things like design and existing behavior.

It probably shouldn’t be the default CI behavior on pull requests but rather something that could be triggered by a collaborator adding a tag or comment.


CI means continuous integration. With that it implies a strong preference to integrate new code, build, test. And to do so on each PR in order to give confidence in not breaking the build and maintaining confidence.

GirHub provides excellent general documentation on best practices which we already basically follow. But perhaps you meant “build a binary and offer for download “? That could be added to PRs sure but is it really necessary since most devs locally will already be doing a refine build and running the binary and testing?

Ah you said “non developers”

There is this previous thread about mostly just that, no?

I think providing built packages for specific PRs could be doable, with a tag or message. The artifacts could be stored as workflow artifacts.

ah there it’s! Thanks.