Convert numbers to specific strings

Hello everyone, I have extracted months as numbers from a date column in the data set I am cleaning and now I will like to create a new column that displays those numeric months to text like so:
1 = Jan, 2 = Feb, 3 = Mar, 4= Apr, 5=May, 6= Jun, 7=Jul, 8=Aug, 9=Sep, 10=Oct, 11 = Nov, and 12=Dec.
Please can any one help with this. Thanks…

You could use the toDate function in GREL to convert from one date format into another using the cell transform dialog. In your case from number based month notation M to the shortcut based month notation MMM.


But the transformation will consider your locale, meaning the name of the months will be shown in the language your system is using.

If the toDate function does not produce the required result you could also use mass edit operations (edit a value and then hit “Apply on all identical cells”).

Gee, thanks. That worked like a charm b2M. Much appreaciated