Creating project from URL fails when uploading


I have installed and setup Open refine my aim is to connect it to an internal API which pushes updates, we can then sort and filter those updates.

So I go to Create project > web addresses(urls) and input our API url >next.
This is the url

Open refine then goes off and says downloading data, which it seems to do fine, then it changes to Uploading data and then throws this error.

Error uploading data Connect to https://:443 [/, /] Failed: connection refused: connect

The server window shows the following for the whole import process

16:42:59.678 [                   refine] GET /command/core/get-csrf-token (485684ms)
16:42:59.687 [                   refine] POST /command/core/create-importing-job (9ms)
16:42:59.699 [                   refine] POST /command/core/importing-controller (12ms)
16:43:00.705 [                   refine] POST /command/core/get-importing-job-status (1006ms)
16:43:01.705 [                   refine] POST /command/core/get-importing-job-status (1000ms)
16:43:02.711 [                   refine] POST /command/core/get-importing-job-status (1006ms)
16:43:08.572 [                   refine] GET /command/core/get-csrf-token (5861ms)
16:43:08.587 [                   refine] POST /command/core/cancel-importing-job (15ms)

My understanding is when its 'uploading' data its actually just storing it locally. But if I download the JSon response and import it as a file it goes to the pick entities stage. So im confused as to why its throwing an error around the URL if its already downloaded the data.

Any ideas?

You have three forward slashes instead of two after your protocol (ie https:/// instead of https://). Try fixing that and see if things improve.


Thanks Tom,

actually the forum has stripped out the url tags I put in, and I hadnt noticed because there was a first post panel over the preview. It should be

This is the url < domain > replacing the actual domain.

https://< domain >/api/projects/transcribe/export/manifest/12743/3.0

This is the error
Error uploading data Connect to https://< domain >:443 [< domain >/, /< domain >] Failed: connection refused: connect

It seems to have no problem connecting and downloading, it just seems to fail during the 'upload' stage whatever it is its doing then.