Customize menu order

Hi all, I think the answer is No but just to be sure I’m asking anyway:

Is it possible to customize the menu order? Specifically, one mouse dance I do all the time is this:

click to open menu,
hover over Facet,
move into submenu and down to hover over Customize,
move into submenu and move down and click Facet by blank.

It would be so cool to have Facet by blank in the First menu up top. Inheritable when upgrading versions. (How?) is this possible with OpenRefine as is? Would it be a good feature request?


Hi and welcome @RolfBly. I’ve moved this into the Support category as more suitable than the “Using this forum” one.

Unfortunately it’s not possible for the user to change the menu order - but I think that more customisable options for at least some aspects of the menus is a very good idea and could make a good feature request. You can make a feature request on Github

I’m thinking specifically offering more flexibility with the menu items that are essentially just pre-programmed GREL expressions would be a really nice feature - allowing the user to add their own and re-order the existing ones. The two areas that I particularly think of are:

  • Facet → Customized facets
  • Edit cells → Common transformations

Just for the sake of completeness: I put in a feature request back in January and just added @ostephens addition.

So case closed for now, for here.