Icons/Symbols for operations

As I work on the Operation History panel, I've been exploring the idea of assigning an symbol or icon to each operation type. My hope is that this would add additional clarity for users as they review the history, and, over time, help familiarize them with the ways in which changes to the history would impact subsequent steps.

I've been researching icon sets, and thought I'd see if anyone in the community might have suggestions for existing icon sets I should look at?


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No suggestions from me. Too many out there. But I think I would lean towards any that have accessibility traits if possible? However, it might be hard to fulfill that. SVG's would be a must I think however, to help those with low vision that sometime need to scale or zoom their browser views (like me).

The other thing is that not all the icons would actually "need" to be functional (clickable, movable, etc)? Some might only need to be decorative in order to convey context? So you might want to have 2 categories of icons.

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Yes, thank you @thadguidry for drawing the distinction between icons which are clickable versus decorative. To clarify, I'm thinking about icons in purely decorative, graphic terms as a helpful visualization tool for each operation step in the history panel. (Of course the steps themselves are clickable, but the icons specifically are not intended that way.)