Improving the onboarding process for new contributors

I am aligned with your approach @antonin_d. Better guidelines on contributing are recurring topics from my contributor's interviews. Overall I would like to focus on documenting contributors' pathways and potentially a contributor's handbook explaining how the project function. I think this work will have more impact than the Proposition for the Ambassador Council

The contributor pathway would describe

  • How OpenRefine is organized as a project, including (this is only a rough list in no particular order)
    • Usage of the forum and the GitHub repos,
    • Organization (with Code for Science & Society, current and past funder)
    • Governance and code of conduct
    • The project history
    • The project roadmap
  • How to get started on the different contributor pathways ;
  • The different tasks one can do and how to perform them ;
  • The criteria to progress within the project, getting more permissions and accessing different tasks.

I found the following documentation regarding pathways: