Issue retrieving captions from Wikimedia Commons

I'm having problems retrieving captions from Wikimedia Commons, hoping someone here can help!

Using the Commons extension, I'm creating a new project based on a Commons category. Then Edit column > add column based on reconciled value > entering Cen for english caption. But what I'm getting is the caption for the first item repeated, which is incorrect:

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? (I've tried this in 3.7.6 and 3.7.7, same error. using Chrome, on windows.)

Thanks for reporting this! That seems to be a clear bug in the reconciliation service, so that's indeed independent from the OpenRefine version. I'll look into it.

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I am heartened that this isn't user error on my part! And thanks - appreciated! :slight_smile:

It should be fixed, let me know if that works on your side

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aaaaaaaaaah amazing, thank you so much! :smiley: