Maven 4 and submodules - Better for us or not really yet?

I've been wondering if, with Maven 4, we might be better suited now and longer term for submodule granularity of dependencies (extensions, butterfly, our internal dependencies) ?
I'm just thinking of anything that might make contributors (and maintainers!) lives easier for build assembling, releases, snapshots?

Working with Multi Modules in Maven 4 and differences from Maven 3

If so, maybe a good task to write up an issue for and ask for help from community?
(I wanted to bring this up in the meeting today, but I missed it by an hour.)

According to Differences between Maven 3 and 4 it looks like the model stays the same but they've added some (helpful) ways of building specific submodules only.
I don't see any change in how Maven modules can be organized, so it shouldn't affect our plans in any case.

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