Missing items while updating

I have an Excel file. The people of the National Library of Israel worked on it and made Matchs between the Q identifier and the J9U identifier (P8189).

My list contains 3018 items. I processed using OpenRefine but I have noticed that some are missing. (two jobs because the first was stack as the Q-id was redirect):

A. why it’s happening?
B. How can I generate list of items that was worked in those two jobs, so I can compare between them?

Hi @geagea1 and sorry for the delay in responding. The causes of failed updates can be difficult to track down as failures can occur in different points in the process.

In terms of checking what’s happened I’d suggest querying Wikidata for the J9U identifiers and check that they match your expectations after updates. One way of doing this is to use the “Add columns from reconciled values” option in OpenRefine - you can then compare the values you get back to the values you have in your project - and where they are different and/or missing then you know these are the ones that have not yet updated.