OpenRefine contributor meetup, 14th March

Hi all!

The next contributor hang-out is coming up! As a reminder, this is a space to share what you are working on, struggling with, wondering about - all welcome! It will be:

On: 2023-03-14T15:00:00Z
At (note the new location!)

Reminder: you can see all the occurrences of this meeting (including the
link to the call) in this calendar.

You can also subscribe to it as an iCal / ICS calendar, with this URL.

I am not sure I can make it to this particular meeting but I hope that someone else from the team could jump in to hold the space?



Looking forward to meet y’all !

Can’t wait to chat with everyone :smiling_face:

Nice, looking forward to meeting you all

This is awesome, wouldnt miss it.

hey everyone,i could not attend the meeting as i saw this message just now,can someone kindly brief me about key points of the meeting?

Hi @Ayushi_Rai , the meeting is yet to take place
Will be happening in about 20 minutes.

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thanku so much i ignored the fact that it was utc

It was nice meeting everyone on the call :smiley:

A pleasure to hear and chat with everyone.

I had an awesome time on the chat session with you all.

Thanks everyone for the great turnout! I think we never had so many people on the call before :slight_smile: Sorry I could only be there for the first half.