OpenRefine Design System Documentation

Following up on the documentation of OpenRefine's existing design system, I created slides to show my findings around the current CSS theme of OpenRefine and also the various inconsistences I have found.

I would like to ask for feedback from everyone before proceeding to create github issues as regards these inconsistences and also to gather more information from the community on things I may have missed in the course of my analysis.

I have attached images of the slide, as well as the link to the figma slide also.


Hi @Lydiaofficial,

Somehow I missed this post - not sure why!
I think this looks great and I totally encourage you to open GitHub issues about those inconsistencies. I think they are very much worth fixing. (The project metadata dialog that you have picked is I think a great example for a pretty catastrophic case of inconsistency)

Keep up the great work!

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Thank you @antonin_d . I'll start on that this week.

This looks like great work @Lydiaofficial - I agree with the comments from @antonin_d.

Very minor comment - the green (which I do not think provides a good contrast for readability!) is used not just for numbers but also dates.