Partial upload of a dataset?

Hi, I have a dataset where around 2000 of the 12000 items reconciled automatically. Since this is a bit of a pilot project, I would like to try out augmenting the Wikidata info for only the matched Wikidata items, without taking the time to manually reconcile the rest. I’m not sure of the best way to do this–should I simply delete the unreconciled items? I have a feeling there could be a better way.

I assume by “augmenting” you mean adding a new column based on reconclied data?
In that case OpenRefine will ignore the unreconciled cells.

OpenRefine also offers a whole bunch of Reconciliation facets to filter your data based on reconciliation information. So you could use the “judgment” facet to filter for rows that are matched and continue working with this subset of the data.

I don’t want to add information to my project. I want to add information from my project to Wikidata.

Oh, a facet based on matched sounds like exactly what I need, thank you. I have done a smaller project in the past, and I think that when you export data to Wikidata, it ignores facets? I would be happy to be wrong about that though.

Exporting to Wikidata does respect facets - or at least it is the intention! It should be the case both for direct upload and export to QuickStatements.
If that is not the outcome you are getting it might be worth checking that you are in rows mode and not records mode (unless you are indeed using records in your project).


thank you, I will try that! I have a bunch of data to clean before I actually upload anything :slight_smile: