Recover data from simple url for two wikidata id

Hi, I would like to know if, with OpenRefine, it is possible to recover information from these two URLs? The first one (ORBi: Browsing by authors) is related to authors (Property:P12256 in wikidata) and the second one (ORBi: Search Results) about scientific articles (Property:P12234 in wikidata). ORBI is a scientific repository from the university of Liege and numerous authors have already their wikidata page. The idea would be to recover the ids and add them to wikidata. The database is quite large (> 14000 authors and 200000 articles). I asked on wikidata openrefine page and send me here to be sure that I can do that. They tell me the best solution would be to see with ORBI if it is possible to have access to more structured data. Thanks you in advance.