Releasing 3.7.3

I propose to make a patch release soon, version number 3.7.3, with some bug fixes:

  • Remove maximum Java version on Windows (#5931) (still to be merged)
  • Skip Wikibase edits on deleted items. (#5895)
  • Set HTML document language based on load-language (#5925)
  • Display reconciliation default types with both name and id (#5917)
  • Fixed the issue with transpose so it treats blank cells as null (#5862)

For me, those changes feel really safe and are really unlikely to have unintended side effects.

Would you like to include other changes, or are you worried about the stability of any of the ones listed here?

I would add the fix for setting the memory allocation from the command line:

  • Added fix for command line options in refine (#5777)

I have published this release. In the end I did not include the command-line options fix because the patch did not apply cleanly on 3.7 and I felt that simply copying over refine and refine.bat from the master branch was a bit risky (for instance since we have removed the -w option from those, which you would not expect from a patch release).