Releasing 3.7-beta3

Let’s get the ball rolling on releasing another beta for 3.7!

The only bug I have identified that needs fixing before 3.7.0 is the packaging glitch. Somehow the built artifacts seem to be off: the Mac DMG file is not notarized properly, although the build logs indicate that notarization succeeded, and the Windows version with Java embedded cannot find Java when launched.
It’s tracked here:

I have not found the source yet, but I suspect that this could be a one-off glitch that could possibly go away when we generate a new release… so I would be tempted to just generate 3.7-beta3 and see if the problem is still there. Not very satisfying though.

Have you identified other bugs that should be fixed before the next release in this series?

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Due to some issues with Maven Central, among others, I had to trigger the release multiple times, so the latest beta is now 3.7-beta5, finally with attached artifacts. Let’s see if the packaging issues are solved and hopefully we can have a 3.7.0 soon.

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Apparently the Windows build with embedded Java is still off. I plan to publish 3.7.0 once I understand better why.