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I’m having trouble getting something to work. I wanna fetch wikidata descriptions and sitelinks from the ‘Add columns from reconciled values’, but it’s not coming up as a property. I see on the old google forum that it’s supposed to work but people were having problems:

Is this still an issue? I understand how I can do this by fetching the json, but looks like it was supposed to have already been added: Let users fetch descriptions or sitelinks · Issue #17 · wetneb/openrefine-wikibase · GitHub



Hi @Joseph_Anderson, welcome to the forum and thanks for using OpenRefine!

Thanks for asking this question here. I get this question all the time during OpenRefine trainings in the cultural sector. It does work, and it’s documented, but I notice that people have trouble finding how this works, so having the process described here on the forum is quite useful :slight_smile:

It’s documented here: OpenRefine-Wikidata interface - basically you need to type specific code in the ‘Add property’ field as follows:

  • Len for Label in English
  • Dfi for Description in Finnish
  • Apt for Alias in Portuguese
  • Sdewiki for Sitelink in German Wikipedia page titles. For an overview of all Sitelinks ids of Wikidata see: MediaWiki API result.

In the screenshot below, I type Scommonswiki to retrieve sitelinks from Wikimedia Commons (that’s also possible).


Awesome—that did the trick. I didn’t think to look for the separate wikidata documenation. Thanks, Sandra!

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This is very interesting, indeed.

How about having qualifiers? Is there a way to add the qualifier of a property value?

I don’t know this one!

Fetching qualifier values is not supported and the ticket about it is here:

The previous discussion about this issue is here:

Hi @Sandra ,

Just following up: I see the sitelink gives you the wikipedia title, but is there a way to directly get the url?

If not, is coverting the title just a matter of replace spaces with underscores?

Hi @Joseph_Anderson, apologies for the late reply. I personally indeed do the ‘spaces to underscores’ trick, but maybe someone else may be aware of other/better methods.