Add column from reconciled values: no suggestion nor recognition of entered Property

hi there,
I want to import values for P 'start date' and 'end date' from reconciled items (expeditions) into my OR -project, but I cannot choose these properties (not listed in the suggestions) nor can I manually add 'start time' or P580.
I am working in 3.8.1 locally.
Does anyone know why this feature does not seem to work?
Thanks a lot!

Hrrrm, tried this on 3.7.7 and it's working, anyone else working in 3.8.1 and can check?

@SaraThomas thanks for your quick response!
Meanwhile I tried to export my project and import it into my Jupyterlab Openrefine to give it a try there, but then I got this message my tar is corrupt:

I do not know if these problems are related, but I'd like to know too what is happening here and how to resolve this too.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

NB I succeeded to import the project in Jupyterlab Openrefine and there the function does work, also in 3.8.1. (curious)

So I am happy to be able to continue, but do not understand why it still doesn't work the project when working locally.

no, that's really strange!

glad you got it working though :slight_smile:

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yes I am for this project, but it would be a bit disappointing if it turns out to be necessary to download all my projects and import all of them into the other environment...