Is it possible to import new lines in an existing OR project?

I think this feature doesn't exist in OR, but I want to make sure, and maybe someone knows a workaround.

I want to import new data to an existing project, in effect appending data to my project.

Maybe an extension?

Any suggestions?


Multi file should still work for this. But the columns and data types need to be the same, I.e. schema.

So zip up your files together and try importing the zip file.

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I already have a project, with a lot of reconciliated data. I don't want to export the data and have to reconcile again…


@thadguidry : how can I create new lines?
Maybe with that, and some cross() magic, I could transfer data from another project…


Thumbs up on these issues then:

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Thanks very much to pointing that to me. Much appreciated.

Regards, Antoine