Adding Property to WikiData Reconciliation for LCSH

I'm trying to reconcile a list of keywords against LCSH using Wikidata. Someone told me that I could add a Property of P244 to get Wikidata to use LCSH for its reconciling but I'm having a hard time figuring out where to add the property.

I'm working in 3.8.1

I've split my keywords into one keyword per cell and then hit "Start reconciling." I click on Wikidata. From there where do I go to add the property?

Or, is there a way to reconcile the data against Library of Congress Subject Headings? For names I know I can use VIAF and have before, but that doesn't work for subjects.

Hi @AnnA, welcome to the forum!

Do I understand correctly that you have keywords in free text and want to get the LCSH ids associated with them, by going through Wikidata?

In general, you could first reconcile your keywords to Wikidata (disregarding the fact that you are interested in LCSH ids) and then use the "Add columns from reconciled values" function to fetch the LCSH ids associated with the Wikidata items you have obtained by reconciliation.

However I suspect that this will not be very workable, because a lot of the Wikidata items you will have chosen as matches will not have an LCSH id statement on them.

So you would need to configure reconciliation so that only Wikidata items that bear an LCSH statement are returned. This is something that the Wikidata reconciliation service does not support yet, but you could use a little trick to work around that. Before reconciling to Wikidata, you could transform the cells you want to reconcile by adding haswbstatement:P244 after each keyword.
This is something you could do using the Edit cells -> Transform… operation and the GREL expression value + " haswbstatement:P244".

Once you have done this, your keyword column should look like this:

country music haswbstatement:P244
reggae haswbstatement:P244
klezmer haswbstatement:P244

After running Wikidata reconciliation on this, you will likely find that cells are not auto-matched and that the scores displayed alongside each candidate are a little odd. But hopefully you should be able to match cells either manually or using the "Match cells to their best candidate" action (potentially combined with some facets to control for the quality of the matches).

Once you have done that, you can carry on with fetching the LCSH ids using the "Add columns from reconciled values" function.

I hope it helps!

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Somewhat - what I'm looking for is less the IDs and more the titles. For example, "Houses" isn't an approved LCSH term but "Homes and haunts" or "Dwellings" are. Or it should be "Jellyfishes" not "Jellyfish". They won't get link to LC authorities in any way and we won't be converting them to linked data. It's more for consistency sake. But I'll try the path you suggested and see if that gets me close!

I appreciate it!