Any communities that want their own categories, tags?

Welcome to everyone joining this forum.

This is your space: it is here for, and by, OpenRefine’s community. See it as your own, and make it your own!

In this thread, I want to probe if there are any (sub)communities using OpenRefine who would like to have their own tags or categories here?

We will also organically observe how this forum unfolds, and act if the need arises. I just want to make it clear that we are very open to organizing the forum’s structure upon explicit request.

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Maybe we can start with Wikidata / Wikibase tags and see how much use these get. Later on a dedicated Wikimedia category might also be nice.


Thanks @lozanaross - I’ve created #wikibase and #wikidata tags !

There is also the suggestion from Tom to have a dedicated section for announcements. I think that would be nice, for instance to announce new versions, funding and other important project news.

Done @antonin_d !

If you’d like to be notified of new posts in this category by email, you can take a look at the instructions on configuring email with this forum at Using email with this forum

If you’d prefer to use RSS, you can use News and Announcements - OpenRefine to get an RSS feed for the news category

I think perhaps some geoinformatics subcommunity. There’s a lot that can be done within the likes of ArcGIS/QGIS but nothing that keeps track of the changes like openrefine does. I’d love to one day have a pipeline where all the modifications to a shapefile happen inside ArcGIS/QGIS with an OpenRefine connector!

Thanks @jfaurel - I’ve added the geoinformatics tag for use!

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now that I think of it, GIS would be more useful, although more specific. Some people might not know of geoinformatics but would look for a GIS tag. Thanks!

Ok -have changed it to GIS for now

I notice I am sometimes posting general ‘community announcements’ - for instance the post about the final report of OpenRefine’s SDC grant, or the announcement of OpenRefine receiving the Wikimedia Coolest Tool Award. I’d love to see (and encourage) other OpenRefine users to do the same!

Besides the team announcements (which are the ‘official project announcements’ that people can subscribe to, as a newsletter-ish thing), how about also having a Community announcements category?

I’m able to create this category myself by the way, and I will be happy to do so. Just posting the suggestion here to give room for feedback first.

I don’t have any strong feelings about this - very happy to see something, although I feel we need to be a bit careful not to have too many categories. Could we possibly have two sub-categories in the News and Announcements - one for ‘project announcements’ and one for ‘community announcements’ rather than having another top-level category?

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That would make a lot of sense to me. We’d probably need to tweak the ‘newsletter’ functionalities of the project announcements a bit (as we consider these official announcements that people can explicitly subscribe to).

@admins (and just for everyone’s visibility): I have just updated the forum category structure to reflect the updates above. There is now a Project announcements and a Community announcements subcategory. I recategorized old posts to reflect this.

With the recent website update (move to Docusaurus), the RSS URL of OpenRefine’s blog was also changed, which I updated in the settings here on the forum too. That has triggered a full re-import of all old blog posts. I will clean up the old duplicate ones. Apologies for the hassle. I hope this new situation will now be stable (and new blog posts will be auto-posted here on the forum, in the right place, from now on).