Using email with this forum

While this is primarily a web based forum, there are a number of options for getting email notifications and you can, if you prefer, use email as your main way of interacting with the forum by enabling “mailing list” mode.

Post new topics by email
To post a new topic via email, use the following addresses:

Get email notifications
In your email preferences (for how to access these, see steps 2-3 in the ‘Setting up mailing list mode’ instructions) you can control what email notifications you get from the OpenRefine forum:

Setting up mailing list mode:

  1. Sign up to the forum and login

  2. Click user icon (top right), then select the Preferences icon

  3. Click “Preferences”

  4. Click “Emails”:

  5. Check the “Enable mailing list mode” checkbox, and select frequency of emails:

  6. By default, you will be subscribed to posts in all categories. To control when you get notifications for a category, or to mute a category completely, go to the page for the category, click the ‘Bell’ icon choose the appropriate option from the list:

  7. To respond via email, simply click “Reply” in your mail client, and reply as indicated in the email footer.

This post was adapted, with thanks, from Using Discourse as a mailing list - Announcements - 3D Slicer Community


What email address do we use if our message isn’t a support request or a development topic? doesn’t appear to work.


In which category of the forum would you want your message to land?
We can set up email aliases for any of those categories as far as I know.
If none of the existing categories seem fitting for your message, then we can create new ones.