Can you help test SSO? Need testers for Google, GitHub, Twitter and Facebook login

I’ve set up SSO (Single Sign-on) here on this forum for Google, GitHub, Twitter and Facebook. I did all these using my own accounts (there’s no other way) and I would appreciate testing if they work! Could folks with accounts on these platforms give them a try, and report back if you notice something doesn’t work as expected?

Thank you! Sandra

P.S. All admins have access to all the settings in this Discourse forum. You’ll find the login settings there too. I followed the linked instructions (like this one) meticulously.

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Works well for me! I used GitHub and my google account.


I can confirm working SSO for GitHub, Google and Twitter.


Many thanks to the diligent testers so far! :pray:

It looks like the Facebook sign-in can still use a test. Who is still active there and wants to give it a go?