Clean up grel history?

Is there any way to remove expressions from the History in Add column based on this column?

I have one in there that's valid syntax, but it doesn't work, and it differs only in 1 character with one that does. So I want to remove the former and retain the latter.

I usually 'Star' the expressions (click the star on the left) which I intend to use again, then use the 'Starred' tab to find them later. Conveniently, the History tab also indicates whether an expression is starred, so you would immediately see that your 'good' one is the one to use if you're looking through the expressions listed on that tab.

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I think @RolfBly refers to the history under the Undo / Redo tab.

You can follow those steps to remove one operation from the history. As a safety measure, you should create a backup of your project under Export > OpenRefine project archive to file first.

  1. Click Extract and using the checkbox, select all the steps you want to retain after the operation you want to remove. Copy and paste the JSON on the right side of the screen in a notepad.
  2. Roll back the project history by selecting the step before the one you want to remove.
  3. Select Apply and paste the JSON you extracted in step 1.

For reference, here is the link to the Undo/Redo in our documentation.

Hi @Martin,

thanks, but no, I was referring to the history in the Add column based on this column-window. And I want to remove it from the history there, entirely. Your method wipes it from the project history, I think.

I'm OK with the workaround that @jquartel mentioned (and I had already found).

Case closed?

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Just to confirm, there is no way to remove entries from the expression history. They will roll off the end of the list when the upper limit (100 currently) is reached.