Closing the OpenRefine-SDC Slack channel

The Wikimedia Commons integration project has officially come to an end (although we will still finish some loose ends, no surprise there).

We used a dedicated Slack workspace for the project -
It has served its purpose very well (it was really lively and well used). But as the project has come to an end, I think I want to close it. Please vote below :slight_smile:

  • Yes, close the OpenRefine-SDC Slack channel
  • No, keep the OpenRefine-SDC Slack channel open, because… (write reason below)

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Now that we have this forum here at, I’d like to try if we can use this place for the same purposes (project coordination, team chat). If people want more private spaces for specific discussions (e.g. helping junior devs with questions they have), they can easily be created here. We can always create new Slack workspaces if we notice this forum is not good for this use case.