Cluster and edit function returns similar values

Cluster and edit function returns values that look similar. What difference does it see in my Excel file that I don't? I tried different Method and Distance function but I always get similar results.

Those look like they could potentially have some whitespace differences (it's really hard to tell by eye, but based on the non-aligning (xx rows) information next to the values there could be trailing whitespace after the visible string

Do you see this with the key collision / fingerprint clustering method? If so, which version of OpenRefine are you using?


Whitespace was the problem! Thank you very much!

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As a general hint, applying "trim()" to all columns (go to All column, open dropdown menu, choose Transform enter value.trim() and (assuming you want to apply to all columns) leave all columns selected then click "OK") is often a good first step to just ensure you don't have any trailing whitespaces across the project