Cursor placement when renaming a column

When renaming a column the cursor doesn't automatically jump into the pop-up for the column name. I don't know how much overhead it is but it would have me multiple mouse clicks if it could be placed there automatically. Just today I split a single column into 5 other columns and needed to rename each of them and it felt like there should be a better way :slight_smile:

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Very good point! And welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
I also get annoyed by input fields not being focused automatically in such prompts (but I remember @abbe98 having concerns about such auto-focus because it would go against keyboard navigation flow - would that be the case here?)

We could open an issue about it, but then again this pop-up feels unnecessary in the first place: I think we should just let people edit column names by clicking on the names directly, just like we do for project names, as suggested here by @zoecooper:

But somehow we don't seem to have reached a consensus there. Do you think that would go in the right direction?

That hadn't even occurred to me as an option and would be awesome! I do get not wanting to impact keyboard navigation, if that's the trade off then I'd rather leave it as is.

Actually on our end it do autofocus (and autoselect) in this dialog, so at one point I must have approved it. :slight_smile: As a general guideline(imo), autofocus is fine as long as it's for the first focus-able element in the dialog.