Delete rows based on part of string value?

Hi, I’m cleaning up my massviews analysis data, but this is a question I need to know for other projects. In this case, I want to delete every row that has “Talk:” as the first five characters in a certain value. Is there a way to facet based on matching to a certain string?

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Hi @Rachel_Helps

Yes you can do this in a few ways but I’d suggest:

  1. Choose Facet → Custom text facet
  2. In the expression box enter value.startsWith("Talk:")

This will create a true/false face where true will be all the rows where the cell text starts with the specified string

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Text Filter is another alternative (where you could still use the All → Flag/Star rows or even just directly Edit rows → Remove matching rows). You can use a regular expression such as starts with ^ and then your chars ex. Talk: so completely the expression would be ^Talk:.


thank you! I was having the hardest time googling this.