Design workflows in Github

At the moment, finding and sorting through issues on Github isn't very intuitive/user friendly for contributing designers - the table in the documentation (OpenRefine Design · GitHub) isn't quite up to date, so it's hard to know where to look and keep track of OpenRefine's design activities overall.

I'd like to request that all issues that require design input be added to the table linked above, so that designers have a centralized place to look for issues to take on.

I see this has come up in the past (see this thread) and wanted to bring it up again so that we can make Github as design-friendly as possible!

Wouldn't it be easier to just use the GitHub issue label we already have?
And then bookmark this GitHub webpage filtered sorted page itself having the label "Type: Design Discussions" ?

Granted there's no way to get notifications, UNLESS @antonin_d or others @mention the team name in one of an issues' comments. Then all the members on that GitHub Team will be emailed about the new issue. To see all issues, just use the bookmarked link above as a quick/easy way?

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