Github Issue Templates - simplifying and adding more

As part of the related topic discussion: Cleaning up our GitHub issue labels - #27 by lozanaross the question of issue-writing templates has also come up.

I would like to propose the following steps as part of @Lydiaofficial's completing her Outreachy internship:

  1. Perhaps simplifying a bit the existing templates for Bug reporting and Feature requests - primarily by stating that the templates are just optional and do not have to be filled out completely as part of the first comment in the top of the templates.

  2. Adding templates for the 2 new core types of issues we want to introduce as part of the new label structure - namely Documentation & Design Discussion. As already raised by @antonin_d - perhaps the Documentation template belongs more to the repository, which makes sense, but then we need to set up issue templates there, too. The Design Discussion template would be useful in both main OpenRefine repo & the website repo. Technically nothing wrong with including Bug & Feature Request templates also in the website repo as far as I'm concerned.

@Lydiaofficial will propose new markdown files with the two additional templates, if we have community consensus that these templates would be useful.

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Having the documentation template on both repositories makes sense since some users reporting documentation issues may not know it should be on the repository.