Donations - other ideas?

I noticed the other day while visiting and playing on that in Edge browser I got a small icon that slided out the top edge of address bar that said “Support Lichess?” and then when clicked on it allowed me to tip with my existing Microsoft Rewards balance which in turn if I tipped over 1000 points then Microsoft gives them $1 USD donation.

Something to look into perhaps for our website, and maybe even on the forum?

Every little bit helps? Maybe CS&S would need to review the terms etc. so perhaps someone could ask them in your next meeting?

Thad, thanks for the idea. This is something we can raise at the next CS&S meeting and see what other donation programs they support.

OpenRefine current financing strategy is mostly through grants which allow the project to secure significant funds for longer periods (usually one to two years).

Currently, OpenRefine accepts individual donations via