How to Export data profiling

Hi all
I am involved in a Master data project, and I would like to know if it is possible to export :

  1. Field metadata of a table: field name, field type, nb record, nb record null, nb record empty, min, max, avg (if numeric), min, max avg length (if text) > the goal is to industrialize the definition of master data, manage a status for each field, allocate owner, identify and attach issues...(externally from OpenRefine)

  2. export the text facet (value+qty) of a group of fields > The goal is to assign a codeset to the field and facilitate codeset mapping (externally from OpenRefine)

Why would you? OpenRefine is used to clean data from another source. Why checking the metadata here ?
I use in general MSAccess and there reporting the metadata is already embedded in the reporting facility and queries can be used for the grouped data.
But you can also export the OpenRefine data to JSON or XLS format and use that exported data to report on.
My advice is to standardise on one tool (MSAccess/MSEcel?) and use that for the needed codeset mapping.

Thanks for your feedback Nico_Altink
I will follow your advice