How to speed up OpenRefine

Recently I installed OpenRefine with the RDF-extension. But when loading, OpenRefine is sooo slow. What should I do to speed the process up a bit?
Thanks for answering,
Gerard Kuys

Welcome @gerardkuys! Can you indicate your OpenRefine version and dataset size, it help us to understand your context.

OpenRefine uses your computer's RAM as a processing engine, so the larger the dataset, the more RAM you'll need to allocate. Check out our documentation for more details: Installing OpenRefine | OpenRefine.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for reacting. I see no version indication in the file name, but the OpenRefine files date fron December 9, 2022. So it is definitely not version 3.7.7. The data to be transformed to RDF are in a spreadsheet with person data, 10 columns wide and 1.000 lines deep, I tried to compartimentalize, but even with 250 lines deep the opening process of Transform did not come to an end.

I am using the Linux Debian version.



Thank you for providing the details. Based on the size of your dataset, which is relatively small, OpenRefine should be capable of handling it with the default settings.

What type of transformation you are performing? Do you see any error message in OpenRefine console when running those steps?

Type of transformation: from tabular (spreadsheet) to RDF. No error message, just a kind of wheel in de Transform extension, turning around forever.

Thanks to help understand what is failing, I will need the following details

  • If you can provide a screenshot of the operation that failed
  • The RDF Extension version you installed
  • OpenRefine version (you can find it at the bottom left of the homepage)

Can you also check if there are any error messages in the console? The console should look like this

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your help.

Currently using: OpenRefine Version 3.7-SNAPSHOT [6bc5aa2].
My version of RDF Transform is 2.2.1

If you tell me how to open a console on the running process of refine, I'll let you know what is there to know, If I open a command window, the command 'refine' will not lead me to the current process, it opens another one and sends a warning that another process is running already.