RDF extension does not appear

I have downloaded OpenRefine 3.7.6 and RDF extension 1.4 for windows but the extension does not appear on the openRefine. I have added but still does not appear.

What do you suggest.

@Agnesnottingham23 I'm running this locally OK with the same versions, so I don't think it's a general problem. Can you just confirm how you've added the extension, and also whether you have any other extensions installed?

If what you are looking for is creating RDF triples from your data then you could alternatively try the rdf-transform extension from GitHub - AtesComp/rdf-transform: RDF Transform is an extension for OpenRefine to transform data into RDF formats. which is based on the RDF Extension but was more recently updated - but this is focussed on the triple creation and not other aspects (such as reconciliation against a triple store) which the original RDF extension supports

@ostephens thak you very much, the RDF extension is appearing now in the Openrefine workbench