« Invalid characters in file names facet » doesn't work

Locate rows in Issues doesn't work


The created facet looks like this:


Hmm, the Locate Rows button should probably take context into account. There’s a difference between Warning and Error. The facet created didn’t click on (error) rows automatically, and it probably should have, given the right context?

No, there are not 40 errors. Here in my screen preview, we don't see it, but there was 4 to 7 errors.

This is definitely a bug. I manage to sort them out other was, but never when I tried did the locate of an error worked well.

Regards, Antoine

OK, if a bug, then did you or @antonin_d create a new issue?

We have this one about the allowed file characters: Wikimedia Commons Wikibase not detecting non-Latin script characters · Issue #5656 · OpenRefine/OpenRefine · GitHub

I don't think we have any about the facet returning an error.