Schema loading issues

I am ready to create my schema for Wikidata but I am running into an issue where the shema interface appears to not be loading properly. I am using a set of about 13000 items, but faceted down to the 2465 I have matched. One day, I couldn’t drag the box for my URLs into the “reference URL” portion of a reference. Today, I was able to add several things, but for my fourth property, I’m unable to select “reference URL” from a drop-down that usually searches on Wikidata. I’m using OpenRefine 3.6.2. There are other loading issues, like sometimes the “Issues” tab is continually loading, and sometimes it is completely blank. The Preview tab does not seem to work. Is there a good way to troubleshoot this kind of problem? I’m not sure where to start.

I think this might be an issue with my data. The data output I am working with included a bunch of long strings for things like biographical information. When I took out some of the columns with long strings, the preview feature started working with just the label and alias. However, I am still having issues with adding a unique reference URL to items (it is just not loading). I would like to export my faceted and matched items (which would reduce the spreadsheet down to about 2400 items) and then try loading that into the Wikibase schema through Openrefine. When I export the faceted items normally, I get all of them saved. Is there a way to export just the faceted stuff?

Hi @Rachel_Helps when you say “export just the faceted stuff” do you mean whether you can apply a facet then create an export (e.g. a tsv) which only contains the rows that are part of the facet? If so then the answer is Yes - and this should be the default behaviour.

However, because you say:

When I export the faceted items normally, I get all of them saved

I wonder if I’ve misunderstood what you are trying to achieve. Can you give any more information?

I’m not sure why it wasn’t working before, but I updated the version of OpenRefine I was using and disabled my adblocker. Now the excel file that I exported is faceted, but the tar.gz project file is essentially the same. But I think I found out what the problem was! I had parentheses in my column name for the URL I wanted to add as a reference to my schema. After I took out the parentheses from the column name, it appears to be loading better.

@Rachel_Helps I’m glad that things seem to be working better now.

The tar.gz project file is always an export of the entire project - and so no facets or filters are observed when using that. I wouldn’t generally expect to use that option unless I was making a backup of the project or sharing the project with someone else - can you describe what you are trying to achieve with the export?

Best wishes


I was just trying lots of different things to see if I could fix my loading problem. One of the things I was trying to do was delete all of the unreconciled items that I wasn’t using for upload, so I thought I could “save out” the faceted stuff. But, on thinking about it again, I could have easily deleted them by faceting the “none” and “unreconciled” items and deleting them that way. I didn’t end up needing to do that though.