Issue with OpenRefine schema


I have a project in OpenRefine that I blanked down to create 46 records:

After reconciling my film titles in "Title - Display," I marked a few of them as needing new items to be created. I faceted them here:

Then, I opened up the Wikidata schema to attempt to batch create these new items. I have a reconciled "directors" column that I'd like to test making a statement:
Imgur: The magic of the Internet [3]

However, the Preview is not what I expected to see:
same link as [3] above, [4]

From my second screenshot, you can see that The preschool child has two reconciled directors, but only one director shows up in the Preview. Surrender at Appomattox also has one director (not captured in any above screenshots), but it does not appear in the Preview as well.

Would anyone be able to offer some insight on this issue? Thank you in advance!

Hi @kookiechan and welcome to the forum!

I believe your problem comes from the fact that the Wikidata edits are always generated in rows mode: the records structure is ignored completely.
What I generally do is to fill down the column(s) involved in the schema just before making edits.

You are not the first one to inquire about this so perhaps one could make a case for respecting the records mode when generating edits. Back when I designed this, it felt complicated to implement this correctly, in a way that users would find intuitive when using it, but perhaps I was overthinking this.

Hi @antonin_d ! Thank you for the warm welcome and quick response. I just started wrangling with OpenRefine and Wikidata this summer, so I apologize if this was a question that's been asked before.

I tried filling down my reconciled "Title - Display" column and trying the schema again, and it looks like it's working out a little bit better now!

I wonder if there's anything that can be done about how The preschool child has more than one director though, since that's still not popping up. Or would I have to make a separate second directors column for records that have more than one director to be added to a statement?

Thank you for all of your help and I appreciate it greatly!

Oh it's not a problem at all to ask a question that was asked before! It helps us gauge the importance of improvements.

Looking again at your screenshot in your first post, it looks like the issue is that the reconciliation information was lost for the second cell which contains "The preschool child".
If this second cell was created using the Fill down operation, then this might be a bug (the cell should be marked as reconciled to a new item, like the first one). Or did you enter this "The preschool child" manually in the cell?

Anyway, as a workaround, you could reconcile this column again, and make sure both cells are marked as reconciled to the same new item.

The preview should then show the expected result.