Publishing multiple files to Wikimedia Commons

I use OpenRefine 3.7, snapshot 3.7-20221121.225304-370 for publishing files (images) to Wikimedia Commons. The upload works fine for one file at the time, but when I try to upload more than one file, I get an error message

Naming conflict between new and existing files on the wiki

There is no naming conflict, it seems rather as if OpenRefine uses the file name column from the first row for all subsequent rows as well. Is there anything wrong with my schema?

Awesome Screenshot (schema)
Awesome Screenshot (data)

Hi Nils, welcome to this forum!

We encountered a similar issue last weekend. Apologies that you’re encountering this issue; we are still finalizing this brand new feature and it’s indeed still buggy. At first glance your dataset and your schema look perfect to me, so something may be amiss in the more recent snapshot releases. I will run a test myself and submit a GitHub issue if I can reproduce your problem too.

We plan to do an official 3.7 release soon-ish so this certainly should be addressed!

That is excellent news, thanks!

It turns out this is a bug in the underlying library we use, Wikidata-Toolkit:

I have a fix and it should propagate to OpenRefine in the coming days.

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Even better news, thanks Antonin!

This should be solved in the newest snapshot release. Thanks for reporting, it was a pretty critical bug!

I can confirm that this works in the latest snapshot. Three images uploaded, now I’ll try the remaining 118 in my dataset!