No errors reported and the percentage completed went through but no upload done

I tried to upload several images to wikimedia commons using OpenRefine. I reconciled and created new items for each item, and edited schema with Target Wikibase instance as Wikimedia Commons. After I clicked 'Upload edits to Wikibase', it showed percentage completed; I also logged in my account. But I can't find uploads in my 'Uploads' or 'Contributions', neither can I find the images I uploaded with the file names. Thus I believe my upload operation did not succeed. What may be the reason? Really appreciate help of any kind!

Hi @AleFang,

First, welcome to the forum!

This problem is likely due to the unfortunate fact that upload errors are not reported in the user interface, but only in the server logs of OpenRefine. This is something I have been working on changing and I hope I can soon point you to another version which solves this problem.

In the meantime, I would encourage you to check the server logs. The procedure for this depends on your operating system and is documented here:

You might need to attempt your upload again while those logs are open to see the error messages appear there.

Many apologies for this very sorry state of affairs.

Thank you so much Antonin! I will look into it.

Hi Antonin, Thank you again for your kind reply. I ran with terminal on mac and it showed '[..ting.EditBatchProcessor] MediaWiki error while editing [abusefilter-disallowed]: ā§¼abusefilter-warning-scopeā§½ (42967ms)' while doing the 'upload edits'. Could you give a clue on what the reason might be? Thank you so much in advance!

It looks like your edits are triggering an "abuse filter", which is a rule defined by Wikimedia Commons administrators to spot edits (or uploads) which might be problematic for one reason or another (without necessarily being "abusive" of course).

It's unfortunate (again) that the message is not clearer, since it would be very useful to know which filter was triggered. That would point us to content in your files or their associated wikitext which is flagged by the abuse filter.

I am not familiar with the abuse filters that are in use on Wikimedia Commons but perhaps someone more familiar with the platform could help you spot the likely cause of this: it could be files with an uncommon format (for instance, SVG files with some dynamic content in them, causing a potential security issue, or other file formats which are only partially supported), or some particular words or characters in the filenames used, or some aspects of the associated wikitext.

Thank you so much Antonin! This is very helpful and I have worked out the problem now. I wonder what is the limit for the number of image files that a user account can upload, without being considered bot-behaviour? Thank you again!

I am not sure! It's best to ask the Wikimedia Commons community about that. Maybe at Commons:Help desk - Wikimedia Commons or Commons:Village pump - Wikimedia Commons