Issue 'Entity #2No subject item id provided' when trying to create new items in OR for Wikidata

Hi all, hope you are well! I am trying to create a couple new items in Wikidata using OR, but when I am building my schema I get the error message 'Entity #2No subject item id provided' under the issues and previeuw tab. I have made a facet to only select the new items, used the column I reconciled in the top field 'type Q or add reconciled column', and I have also repeated the reconciling process for that column according to the instructions on making a new item with OR for WD. I am attaching a screenshot of my data for reference.

Hope you can help, it is very much appreciated. Please let me know if I can clarify things further..


Also adding a screenshot of my schema for further reference.

Hi @Michelle,

That's very curious, thanks for reaching out about this! Your schema looks perfect, so I am puzzled why you get this message. You could try removing the label from the schema (using the bin icon) and adding it back, perhaps? To help debug this further, the easiest way would be to share an exported version of your schema or even of your entire project (as an OpenRefine project archive).

Hi @antonin_d, thanks for getting back to me so quickly, hope you are well! I did already try removing the label and adding it, but that does not work either.. This is an exported version of my project (hope you are able to acces it). Thanks so much for looking into this! Michelle

Hi Michelle,

I retrieved the file but I don't see the schema on this export.

Also the Entity #2 made me think: isn't there a second item created by mistake in your schema? (the second screenshot doesn't show the bottom of the screen).

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Hi @Nicolas_VIGNERON thanks for helping me out! The schema isn't on the export because I couldn't save it because it wasn't complete :(. But I started fresh rebuilding the schema and I seems to work now.. Maybe I did accidentally created a second item? I am going to keep that in mind should I get the error again. Thanks again for all your help, also you @antonin_d Have a great day!

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