Linting our codebase, Java Language Specification - What stage are we at?

I’d like to see us also conform with the Java Language Specification, in general.
ref: (java:S1124)

This would also reduce the noise for newcomers checking out our code in various IDEs where some of the defaults now in IDEs are indeed to provide a light notice of complying with the Java Language Specification for .java files.

One example:

   static public void main()


   public static void main()

Now that this issue is closed Code style improvements # 2338

We might also enforce the JLS check?

If this is supported by our linter, it should be relatively straightforward to enable.

but… I was asking if we might enforce the check? I.E. Do you think it’s a good idea?

Not how to enable, which my understanding would be to extend our options config here:


    - name: Check Java linting
      id: java_linting
      run: |
        mvn compile formatter:validate javadoc:javadoc -Ddoclint=all

I would be fine with enforcing this.
At the moment, I would not invest energy into this myself because I do not think this is important enough.
Configuration for the linter is in ./IDEs/eclipse/