Live Coding - Adding Groovy as an expression language

Please join and help me finish up and fix some bugs and get it finally working!

Screensharing & Live Coding and Talk in a Huddle on Groovy's Slack here ->

Thanks to @antonin_d , I was able to complete adding Groovy as an expression language extension to OpenRefine!

@antonin_d Now how to package this well and where should it really live?
Do I make a PR or at least a draft one?

Currently in my branch add-groovy-expression-lang in my fork GitHub - thadguidry/OpenRefine: OpenRefine is a free, open source power tool for working with messy data and improving it


Unless there is a clear case for bundling it in OpenRefine, maybe you could publish it as an independent repository like I did for the javascript language support?

See also the sample extension which can now be used more easily to start independent extensions in their own repository (with automated dependency updates with dependabot, for instance):


Please don't forget to add your extension to the Extensions | OpenRefine page so other community members know about it!

I just opened a PR to add the refine-js one.