Logging of errors after an upload to wikidata

I’m having some problems with an upload of data to wikidata and cannot see what is wrong. Is there a log of all the edits within openrefine? I ended up using quickstatements, instead of uploading edits to wikibase, because of the logging it shows (editgroups doesn’t show errors).

For instance, I was trying to upload some edits, but the process stopped at a 20% every time. Same edits exported as quickstatements went through 100%.

For instance, a problem I have now: I had a set of 3081 new items to create on wikidata (working on WikiProject Sardanes) and after upload them, editgroups shows me that “only” 3080 were successfully added. There is no easy way to know which item triggered an error, is it?

I’m afraid I don’t think there’s an easy way of isolating this sort of error - at least as far as I know. Perhaps @antonin_d or @Antoine2711 might have some insight

wikidata doesn’t return any status of the edit?

For now, the status of an edit is only shown in the server logs of OpenRefine. On Windows or Linux this is simply shown in the console where OpenRefine is running. On Mac OS there are also ways to access it: Installing OpenRefine | OpenRefine

I agree that it should be a priority for the Wikibase extension to expose those errors better. I am not working on the Wikibase extension currently but some of the work I am doing on improving the operation history and undo/redo functionality could potentially help with improving this situation down the line (see Show partial results of long-running operations before they complete · Issue #5541 · OpenRefine/OpenRefine · GitHub).

Thanks, @antonin_d, I’ll try running Openrefine on terminal and see how it goes.

Well, I see that terminal is showing some logging, but nothing about wikidata responses. :pensive:

Finally, found the problem: the errors were for items already on WD.

I manage to upload the items which triggered the error by downloading a WD query and comparing that data set with mine with the cross function. Then, uploading those items with quickstaments I could confirm that they were the ones triggering the error, which quickstatments marked without any explanation (!). At the end, I tried to find those items on WD and there they were. I had those items duplicated.

Final story:

  1. It’s a shame that no one is giving a proper error message
  2. Always check for duplicated items in your set before uploading to WD :wink: