March 7th, 2024, Advisory Committee Only


  • Julie Faure Lacroix - Advisory Committee
  • Esther Jackson - Advisory Committee
  • Jan Aneli - Advisory Committee
  • Antonin Delpeuch - Advisory Committee
  • Martin Magdinier - Project Manager


WMSE Agreement

Antonin started onboarding the WMSE team on the project, with two weekly calls already completed. They are working first on the file upload size limitation.

WMSE and Antonin are OK with using Gitter for real-time communication, even if the need is very limited.

Data Empowerment Fund

The proposal was submitted on Monday and PR is open to add it to OpenRefineā€™s website.

The group discussed how we can make proposals more visible to the community early on


Martin presented his plan to deploy the playbook as described here Requesting Feedback: Documenting OpenRefine Community Handbooks - #8 by Martin

Strategy Consultant

Jan, Julie, and Martin are currently interviewing the selected consultant. We should receive revised proposals by next week's meeting.

FOSS Backstage

Antonin shared his experience as FOSS Backstage last week. He met with members of the that can offer some usability reports. This should be performed before May when their grant is complete.