Numeric Facet (Numeric checked with 0 values)

Hi. I upload a simple data set in OR. Two rows equals to 'ten' and two rows equals to 10. Then I applied a Numeric Facet to this column. This display shows 2 Numeric values and 2 Non-numeric values (Image 1). OK, it is easy to understand. Then I applied a filter for AGE_MIN = 'ten'. Numeric Facet changed (Image 2). A Numeric check was selected but it showed 0. I think it is a bit missleading. I image that 0 values is equivalent to an unchecked option. Do you?

Hi @fabiolinus. Are you suggesting that once there are no numeric values in the column, the numeric values checkbox should be automatically unchecked?

Hi Stephens. For the entire column or filtered column. I expected to see unchecked the label 'Numeric' if no numeric values are present. Don't you?

I'm not sure - the problem I see with this, is what the behaviour should be if you change the filter back again - should the "Numeric" then be automatically selected? I think that could lead to some non-intuitive behaviour if you deliberately unselect the Numeric for some reason (as some circumstances might lead it to be re-checked even though the user deliberately unchecked it).

I think the behaviour here might be improved with some thought about exactly how this facet should work, but I don't think the right thing is to take the facet as it currently works and automatically de-select the checkbox

I am not a programmer. I think you have a general vision of processes and single features like facets. I can make only simple observations thanks my experience. Suppose you have only text values. In this case you could see:

0 Numeric (checked)
0 Blank (unckeced)
0 Error (unchecked)

I see this is a little bit missleading. Don't you?

@fabiolinus If a column contains only text values, then the Numeric Facet will not function or display anything, instead it will show an error: "No numeric value present." In a column, you must have at least 1 cell value that is of the Numeric data type, in order to not get that error. Try applying a Numeric Facet on a column that only has text values.

Hi. I will try to make an example. Suppose you create two text facets for two columns. Then you filter your first facet. The second one changed accordingly to the first facet.

My example is quite similar. I opened a text facet which showed two unique values (10 and "ten"), then I filtered for 'ten'. The result is a column which has only text values ('ten','ten'). Right? I opened a numeric facet and I see Numeric label checked and 0 values. With 0 numeric values you should have unchecked your Numeric label. Isn't it?