Facet by Choice Count - Filtering for choices with count = 1

When I facet by choice count, the granularity of the slider is too large. I need to see values that are only used one time, and the smallest I can drag it to is 0 - 100.


I tried adding a column with an if statement

if(facetCount(value, “value”, “Opportunity: Target Population”)=1,1,0) but I’m getting all 0s.

Any suggestions on how to filter based on a choice count facet? I am in records mode, in case that is relevant.

OpenRefine should really provide an easy way to adjust the min/max in the UI, but the trick I use is:

min(10,facetCount(value, “value”, “Opportunity: Target Population”))

Adjust the value 10 to whatever is appropriate for the data you’re working with. You can use max() as well if you just want to zoom in on the middle of the graph.