Is my Openrefine bugged

Hello everyone!

I am completely new to Openrefine and coding in general, but have done a few tutorials. I am currently working with a big dataset. I need to find the top 10 occupations in it, but every time i create a text facet it says: "860 choices total, too many to display [Set choice count limit]."

I've seen other peoples screenshot of the same dataset with far more choices being shown without a problem. I've also ever seen people working in other datasets with thousands of choices shown. Every time i try to set the count limit (the default was 1000) it does not do anything. It stays on a 1000.

Not sure if i am allowed to ask for help here, but i've tried to work on this for hours and i can find nothing by googling. I've tried reclustering and splitting the column so there is less options, but i always get that message.

@Emil3103 this is the right place to ask for help - sorry that there hasn't been a response before now (I'd generally suggest being a bit more specific with your heading as people might not understand from "Is my Openrefine bugged" what problem you are having when they glance at the forum)

In the OpenRefine main screen (where you have the "Create project", "Open project" options etc. You should see an option at the bottom that says "Preferences".

If you click that you should see a screen with a line called "ui.browsing.listFacet.limit" - what value do that have for you?