Open the same Text Facet many times

Hi. I don't understand why open the same text facet many times. Why more thena once? Once opened, its work is done. Thanks, Fabio

This is indeed a problem, which I personally mostly experience when reconciling the same column twice (for instance, with different settings in different parts of the dataset): the judgment facet will be added twice (because it is added by the reconciliation operation), and I need to manually delete those.

However, in general it can be useful to have multiple text facets on the same column. First, if the expressions defining the facet differs, of course. But even with the same expression, if the expression returns an array then it could make sense to have one facet in inverted mode ("select all rows for which the expression does not return any of the selected values") and one in normal mode ("select all rows for which the expression returns at least one of the selected values"), which applied together gives you something like "select all rows for which the expression returns none of the inverted values but one of the selected values"). Arguably that's quite an advanced use case though.

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